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"I love cute, pretty, and beautiful things!"

Claire Elford (クレア=エルフォード; Romaji: Kurea Erufōdo) is the central character of Witch's Heart. The game introduces her as a lover of cute, pretty, and girly things. Despite her feminine stature, she is shown to be a very capable fighter when it comes to handling and battling demons on her own using her powerful kicks. However, she is quite an airhead, as observed by the other characters and admitted it herself.


At the start of the game, Claire is seen wearing a blue tank top with black shorts and blue shoes, as well as a blue headband with a large ribbon.

Pre-game Claire.

After getting trapped inside the mansion, she was introduced to her room and found a blue, ruffled long dress with a blue rose ornament paired with dark blue gloves, stockings, and blue doll shoes which she can use. According to Sirius, it belonged to the owner of the mansion.

Claire in a blue, long dress

When her mouth was temporarily possessed by the demon named Invective, her eye color changes from blue to red.

In the past, Claire used to have longer hair, with two pink ribbons tied on her sides which matched the ribbons attached to her dress, which were blue with pink ruffles.


Claire is a very cheerful and encouraging character. While she may be quite the 'airhead' of the group, she is a worrywart, constantly looking after the other characters, even for the seemingly cold-hearted Sirius. Due to this, she doesn’t focus on herself, leading her in to dangerous situations.

She also loves everything that is girly, going as far as to wish for a house made up of sweets, cakes for her to eat, and own a fancy orchard for a garden (and a lot more) should she get a hold of the legendary Witch's Heart. With Ashe, she established the Shortcake Project (SCP) to fulfill her wish of chomping down shortcakes. Claire gives off an impression of being childish when first introduced because of her interest in all things cute and pretty, but as you get further in the game, she shows examples of being more than capable of being a mature person.

Her impetus for starting to work out was apparently to help people, and throughout the game, she is consistently very kind and selfless. Upon learning that she has the Witch's Heart, Claire asks to sacrifice herself to bring Sirius back to life, despite only having memories of two days with him. She is one of the most strongest human characters both mentally and physically. Even when she realizes the death of her mother, she continues her positive outlook on life. However, Claire is a stubborn/determined person, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.

Claire is also very understanding and forgiving, saying that she does not hate or think any of the other people in the mansion are evil, even after learning how many times they had killed her to advance their own goals. She appears to sympathize greatly with even Ashe, who she had learned had killed her over four thousand times, as she still believed he was capable of genuine kindness and caring.

Throughout the game, Claire is extremely trusting of the others to the point of putting herself in danger. This is pointed out by multiple characters, notably Ashe in his scenario, after killing her, as well as Charlotte, Zizel, and Wilardo in the bonus stage.


Pre-Memory Wipe

Before her memories are wiped by Dorothy, little of Claire's past is shown until she is found and rescued by Dorothy and Sirius. Flashbacks from the perspective of Fiona tell us that she was very much wanted by her family, and because of their attempts to hide her, she managed to escape execution. Claire was shown to be attached to her mother, immediately worrying over where she was and asking to see her again. In her diary, she draws herself crying and writes that she wishes to see her mother again.

Claire is found about a week following the execution of her mother but is not told of this. Instead, Dorothy, who wishes to protect her feelings, tells Claire her mother has gone on a long trip. She then tells Claire that she is her grandmother and that she would be taking care of her until her from then on. Claire is quick to accept Dorothy as her family, and she in turn is loved by Dorothy, much to Sirius' jealous dismay.

Claire met Patricia while exploring on her own, becoming fast friends with them. She praised Patricia greatly in her diary, and the two spent much of their time together after the meeting. Despite this, Sirius continued to refuse to play with either of them, causing Claire to worry. Claire and Patricia discussed his feelings towards the former, Claire fearing that Sirius hates her. Eventually, Patricia and Sirius hold a conversation, causing Sirius to thank Patricia. However, he soon began to behave bitterly towards Claire, stating that he was glad Patricia came, as it got Sirius less time with her, and more time with Dorothy. Patricia defended Claire, saying that she was worried over him and earnestly wished to be his friend. Sirius became angry and claimed that Claire was only able to worry about others and remain happy because she did not know the truth about her parents. As he said this, Claire walked in. She revealed that she had realized her mother had died, and that she was sorry Sirius felt that way.

The three eventually grew closer to each other, and Sirius agreed to play hide and seek in the house with them. Figuring that Sirius would not want to enter Dorothy's room without her permission, Patricia and Claire agree to hide in her room. However, Patricia disappeared suddenly while they were hiding, causing Claire to become very concerned. She gave up playing hide and seek, fleeing the house to look for Patricia.

A photo kept in Claire's diary, labeled "Granny, Sirius, and me".

After Claire left the house, Dorothy and Sirius learned that Nicholas had planned to invade the mansion. Fearing for Claire, Dorothy elected to stay and wait for her. She was told by Rouge that Claire had fallen off a cliff, but had not died, and had been nursed back to health by a very kind and endearing old couple. Dorothy, wishing to protect Claire and Sirius at all costs, asked to use Fiona's Heart to erase Claire's memories so she may stay with the old couple without putting herself in danger. Rouge agreed, and, as Fiona's demon, Charlotte carried out the deed.

Post-Memory Wipe

After Claire's memories of her biological parents, as well as Dorothy, Sirius, and Patricia, were wiped, she was raised by the old couple who had found her following her accident. Claire tells Ashe that having no memories of her biological family was lonely, but she was largely content to be with her adoptive family. She considered her adoptive family to be very kind people and did not see any problem with how they raised her.

Despite her memory wipe, Claire would continue to dream about Patricia, though she did not understand who they were or what they meant to her. She continued her life regardless, growing into a capable young woman. When her adoptive parents eventually passed, instead of living in the inherited house, she built a hut in the mountains. While dreams of Patricia did cause her some grief, she lived a largely happy life before her return to the Witch's Mountain.


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Person What they call Claire What Claire calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Claire (self) (Watashi)
Ashe Miss Claire クレアさん (Claire-san) Ashe アーシェさん (Ashe-san)
Wilardo Claire クレア (Claire) Wilardo ウィラルドさん (Wilardo-san)
Sirius Claire クレアくん (Claire-kun) Sirius シリウスさん (Sirius-san), シリウスくん (Sirius-kun)(past)
Noel Claire クレア (Claire) Noel ノエルさん (Noel-san)

Person What they call Claire What Claire calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Charlotte Claire クレアちゃん (Claire-chan) Charlotte シャルロットさん (Charlotte-san)
Zizel Claire クレアちゃん (Claire-chan) Zizel ジゼルさん (Zizel-san)
Lime Claire クレアちゃん (Claire-chan) Lime ライムさん (Lime-san)
Rouge Missy Claire ミスクレア (Miss Claire)


  • The name Claire means bright or clear.
    • The name was traditionally considered male specifically when spelt Clair; however, it is now commonly used as a female name and is usually spelled Claire.
      • It means clear in French in its feminine form.
        • The name Claire is from French Origin.
          • Claire is a feminine given name (traditionally masculine)
  • Claire's surname Elford means "A parish in Staffordshire", and "A village in Northumberland."
    • It is from English Origin.


  • Her theme color is blue.
  • It is stated in her in-game portrait that she works out as a hobby and that she loves cute things, but generally lacks the money to buy them.
  • Claire likes sweets and food that looks cute.[1]
  • Claire is reasonably good at singing, and often tends to make gestures while singing as well. Her voice is rather loud. [2]
  • One of Claire's strengths is her physical ability, but one of her weaknesses is studying, especially when there are numbers involved. [3]


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