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"Hand your life over to me, then. I'd live it big and bold instead"

Lime (ライム; Romaji: Raimu) is a Hater demon in Witch's Heart.


Lime's profile

Lime has long, shaggy, lime-colored hair that sticks out in all directions, with little twin ponytails tied in two pink bows. She has a pair of dark red, almost brown eyes. Her outfit in the form of a demon looks like a school uniform. It consists of a collar, a reddish-brown shirt with long sleeves and a bright crimson bow, and a skirt that matches the bow. Over the shirt is a gray-blue jacket with two ribbons, pink and yellow, on either side of the sleeves. She also wears thigh-length black socks.

Before her reincarnation, Lime had shaggy dark green hair and wore a standard white prison uniform with the number E016 printed on the left side of the uniform in the chest area.

During the Sirius story in the Bonus Scene, her outfit can be customized in the "hints" menu option.


Lime comes across as a very cheerful character. She affectionately nicknames people she meets and often uses "-nya" as an end-of-line suffix. She wears fancy outfits and surrounds herself with luxuries she is never allowed to have in her life. Lime is an eccentric braggart, designing cute appearing "game levels" with herself as the boss fighting in the Sirius scenario. She also invited Claire and the other demons to a tea party, and dressed them all up in Alice in Wonderland outfits just for the occasion.

As she meets the other demon-haters, she experiments with their causes of death, thereby causing herself to suffer in order to better understand the others. However, she concludes that her own deaths and injuries are the most miserable and painful. She longs to find someone more miserable than herself. Charlotte warns her not to judge or downplay other people's pain, and refuses to tell her story in detail to Lime because she wants no sympathy from her. Despite this clash, they are both on good terms. Their rooms are next to each other, Charlotte's teddy bunny was found playing Lime with a crane, and Charlotte has fallen for Lime's ploy to confuse Noel in his scenario. They can also often be seen talking in the Bonus Scene in Claire's room, and Charlotte notes that Lime would be happy to see Noel when he snapped.

Lime is very manipulative, it has been shown that she was the mastermind behind many of the murders in the mansion because of her showing Wilardo and Ashe the demonic contract. She was also the one who spread the rumors about the Witch Heart. In Noel's scenario, she didn't hesitate to use the (fake) Claire under the guillotine as bait to get Noel to play with her. Lime is interested in Noel because of his miserable fate and tries to talk him into becoming a real demon-hater so that she can finally find someone as miserable as herself and empathize with him.


She is friends with Charlotte, and Zizel.


Lime had a cruel past. The moment she was born, she became a "witch", and that was her fate for the rest of her life. Her number name was E016. The witches served as an entertainment to the townspeople, becoming punchbags, playthings, experimental rats, or slaves at worst. Every day, they were only given stale bread as a staple.

Lime looking into the 'outside' world

Even through being forced to live a horrible life, Lime's will never falter, as she was fascinated with the beauty of the world outside the cell. The feeling deepened as she got her first taste of a food item an outsider dropped into their cell, a lime. While it left a bitter taste in her mouth, she loved the experience, and longed for more. However, her life was cut short on her 25th birthday, where she was burnt at a stake. Even her death was a source of entertainment to the people. While dying, she cursed all the people who partook in the execution.

After dying, she became a hater demon, as she was filled with hatred for the people who jailed and executed her.


  • The name Lime means "lemon"
    • The name Lime is a unique name from Greek Origins.
      • Lime is a feminine given name.


  • Her theme color is green.
  • She has the most outfits variety in the game, with 6 outfits overall (not including the menu option).
  • Her jail name is stated to be a possible Japanese number pun (E016). It can be read in multiple ways:
    • 0 = "ra" (a stretch since 0 is read as rei), 1 = "i", 6 = "mu", it becomes "Ra-i-mu".
    • Alternatively, you can also read it as 6 = "ra" (another stretch since 6 can be "roku"), 1 = "i" and 0 = "mu" (as in 'nothing'), it also becomes "Ra-i-mu".
    • You can also make the letters in LIME if you erase parts or look at it sideways.


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